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Letter from Mr. Daniel Castillo



June 1, 2006

Dear Members and Friends of The California Foundation:

As a former substitute teacher and a current credential student, it pleases me greatly to be a board member of such a wonderful non-profit organization so that I may better combat the inequities that exist in California’s education system. The California Foundation pledges its allegiance to a cause that benefits posterity and the quality of education.

I have had the rare opportunity to be a pupil and a substitute teacher for the school district in which I gathered my inspiration and guidance. When in the classroom, the most ubiquitous ineptitude I witnessed was the students’ inability to effectively express themselves, especially with the written word.

The daunting task of assisting many students became real and I began to search for answers, both intrinsically and systemically. I found that many years ago the state of California eliminated most instruction dedicated to the art of writing and thus eradicating any chance for students to articulate their desires, convictions and opinions about important subject matters. Students rarely have the opportunity to seek a tutor. So, as a substitute at my alma mater, I devoted many after school hours in an attempt to give students a certain degree of skills stemming from systemic fallouts. I will soon receive a credential of the social sciences and continue to attempt to give students skills that are no longer requirements.

The California Foundation will continue to assist students who seek higher education, in order to acquire many academically valuable skills. We will continue to invest in the lives of those who will transform and lead our world, building a more humane and just place for all of its inhabitants. The California Foundation will unceasingly provide funding to schools and organizations, which are dedicated to improving education and providing tools and resources for its students and communities. Therefore, we implore you to partner with us today.

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