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Vision & Values

To build a more humane and just world, we must break cycles of poverty, crime and violence. To do this we must provide educational alternatives for students who are at risk of perpetuating these destructive life cycles.

Because we know that a lack of quality education reinforces the cycles of poverty, crime and violence, we must mobilize students, parents, schools, educators, donors, government and community organizations, and other resources to provide access to quality education for all. It is in the best interest of our entire society to promote a higher priority on education and motivating and encouraging impoverished and underserved students of California to pursue a college education and the opportunities that accompany it.

Our desire is to see education used as an instrument to transform our world into a more humane and just place for all of its inhabitants. If given equal access and the impetus to achieve, students can create change in their own communities and together they can build a more humane and just world. It is our obligation to invest in the leaders of tomorrow today, in an effort to create a better tomorrow.

President John F. Kennedy understood it perfectly when he said: ôLet us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation???.

Therefore we must and we will:

  1. Mobilize students, parents, and communities in targeted areas to create an environment and build communities that support and encourage learning and education;
  2. Promote and advocate for our students to attain a four-year college degree;
  3. Collaborate with communities, students and government agencies to decrease the dropout and truancy rates in the State of California;
  4. Invest in our students and provide funding for their academic and educational careers;
  5. Commit financial support to select schools and educational programs that serve our students and their communities;
  6. Lobby for legislation, policies, and funds to ensure equal access to quality education for our students; and,
  7. Encourage and offer incentives for students to pursuer careers in education.


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